The idea of standing-out is central to the luxury real-estate buyers. ABIL Group Pune rewards uniqueness, and strives to provide an experience that distinguishes you from the rest. The Castel Royale towers in Pune are a testament to this ideology. The property shines with unique offerings that provide one-of-a-kind experience through its innovative apartment designs, positioning, ambience, and most importantly, it’s staggering view of the 411-acre wide Pune University campus. But you may argue that this could easily be replicated. What will allow me to continue this experience of uniqueness beyond time? To that, we have a solution. What better way to stand-out than by innovation?

How luxury and innovation overlap?

In the matter of luxury, innovation may not be that perceptible. Innovation lies in the nitty-gritties of service, quality of amenities and the advantages offered by the location. A luxury villa overlooking a fantastic valley view, with transport infrastructure at arm’s length, offers an innovative blend of nature and civilization, so you can have the best of both worlds. In the larger context, you can see how both luxury and innovation aim to provide convenience, alongside a unique experience. At the ABIL Group’s luxury apartments in Pune, this is exactly what we strive to achieve.

Control and Freedom

There is a fine line between control and freedom. But not at Castel Royale towers. With an innovative architectural planning, the property offers its buyers an unmatched customization experience. Our unique architecture lets you reap the twin benefits of control and freedom at Castel Royale. Bring your designs and ideas boundlessly to life in our expansive skeletal structure. The story of predesigned homes is of the past. Come and relish at these lavish flats in Pune to experience freedom and control in their true essence. 

Luxury with Security

You have built something with so much love and care, and we get that. Which is why ABIL Group ensures that your home is well protected. No luxury is fully delivered in the absence of safety and security. Powered with smart security tech and back-up features so no activity goes unnoticed, and professional security personnel, Castel Royale is truly a castle of your dreams. Castel Royale towers, with their modern safety measures, flawlessly executed to perfect for your safety, makes it one of the most secure residential properties in all of Pune.

Green Luxury

Speaking of innovation, in the space of luxury, going green may not seem like a well-oriented match. But that is not necessarily the case anymore, with innovative and green solutions taking shape in the luxury real-estate industry. ABIL Group strives towards progress and growth, with one eye focused on the future. With sustainable practices as an important milestone for the builders, the luxury apartments of Castel Royale provide immense opportunities to serve your inner conscience of living sustainably. That, in itself, is an innovation in the form of luxury. One of the most unique features that the Castel Royale property possesses is its closeness to nature. The positioning is inspiring to the hearty residents of Castel Royale to live sustainably while also enjoying the comfort of a lavish lifestyle.