Have you imagined a lifestyle touching 400+ acres of greenery? An overlap of luxury, touching the expansive wildlife, the melody of the nature and cool breeze rich with fragrance from surrounding flora is perhaps difficult to comprehend because there might not be any example to go with this image. Or is there?

The blend of a nature view and luxury apartment with an unmatched living experience is now found at the Castel Royale Towers in Pune. With the aim to provide a tranquil lifestyle moulded within the serene beauty of nature’s marvels, the Castel Royale Towers are nothing less than an architectural masterpiece that delivers what is promised, and more. Creating not just a transition between luxury within your homes and the aura of “nature at your doorsteps,” right outside, Castel Royale also delivers the palpable experience of the natural element within its 20-acre stretch through open-air tower positioning and greenery spread across the property, so that the common-area too is well in touch with the surrounding eco-system.

Importance Of Living By The Nature

What makes this project stand-out and highly desired is that it captures the essence of nature within the grasp of luxury, so the residents will get the taste of living by nature, along with its benefits, while living under the sheath of luxury. But why is it so important to live by the nature? These luxury apartments in Pune have just the answer.

  • To begin with the simplest reason, the opportunity to see animals in their natural setting, and absorbing the interaction of flora and fauna with your naked eye, is a luxury in itself in today’s world. In many ways, the location, and what it offers has its roots dug deep in comfort and bewilderment.
  • Nature inspires. Let’s face it, even after spending a brief moment around nature, it prompts you to be more health-conscious. Living around nature, watching and bathing in its completeness, tends to turn you into a fitness-oriented family. Hygiene will stay on your mind in every decision you make
  • Redefine your outlook towards life. One begins to think differently, and not only in terms of fitness. With the constant exposure to nature’s beauty, as a resident you will experience the luxury of a fulfilling life. Renewing your perspective on life and rejuvenating your body and mind, the place is likely to play a much bigger role in your professional and personal life.

Nature Within Luxury

How can we expect you to relish in the nature’s miracles without giving you a touch and feel of the same? Here is what makes Castel Royale an architectural masterpiece. It manages to provide, in the 20 acres of space, an unmatched living experience, undisturbed space and uninterrupted privacy, and all the other elements of luxury that one could expect. But that is not all, as a resident, you also have the facility to absorb the beauty of nature, birth humility, experience a perfect escape, and establish broader perspectives.

With exceptionally designed towers, that do not hinder the naturally flowing winds, Castel Royale delivers ample space for the free-flowing of fresh winds at children’s play zone or the common area; an experience unmatched by any other luxury apartments in Pune.